Book: If Disney ran your hospital

I finally got around to start reading the book “If Disney ran your hospital’ by Fred Lee. I have heard a lot about it last year, and I am curious whether it can help our lean journey. Or will my predisposition be confirmed that the approach to care will be too simplistic, as if we should just entertain the patients more? Well, the first chapter did not disappoint me. Fred Lee has worked in a hospital for a long time and his mother, sister, partner, and daughter are nurses. One can feel that he is used to think from a care perspective. The most important connection with ‘lean thinking’ is in the first place his reflection on ‘value’, the core of lean thinking.

Fred reflects on the value that is of importance to gain patients’ loyalty. The elements care providers have to pay special attention to in order to accomplish this loyalty are:
- Be alert on peoples needs, before they ask for it (initiative)
- Help each other (teamwork)
- Recognize the feelings of people (empathy)
- Respect the dignity and privacy of others (courtesy)
- Explain what is happening (communication)

Intuitive this list gives me a good feeling. However, does it offer new points of application for the care we are giving at this moment?